What type of procedures do you do?

Our main priority is to get our patients out of pain. Our first step is to provide a diagnosis, explain our findings to our patients and discuss treatment options. Treatment for dental pain can range from fillings, extractions, starting root canal therapy to providing relief from periodontal issues with cleanings.

Why can’t I book an appointment ahead of time?

No appointments are necessary. We see patients based on their dental needs. In most cases this will include waiting in line to be seen. We thank you for your patience and assure you we are doing everything we can to help as many people as we can per day.  We function much like a walk-in medical clinic.

If I’m in line, will I be seen?

Though we will try to see as many patients as possible, we do not have the time and resources to help every patient that presents to the clinic. The nature of emergency treatment makes it impossible for us to predict exactly how many people will be seen within our hours of operation.

Who is eligible for treatment at this clinic?

Our focus is to provide dental care to those who cannot afford it otherwise. In some cases this may be people with NO dental insurance and in some cases this includes patients with some dental insurance who struggle to pay the remaining amounts NOT covered by their insurance plan. We will ensure that all treatments we provide will be at no cost to the patient. All that we require is a valid Saskatchewan Health Card.

Can I get all my dental work done in one appointment?

We intend to address the main issue causing pain and intervening to alleviate that pain. We will not be able to address more than one problem per appointment.

What about dentures?

Although we do not fabricate dentures at DIRECT Dental, our representatives are willing to refer you to a clinic that will. We can discuss the prices of this option at the U of S (or in private practice) and the time commitment needed (number of appointments) to have this done.

Do you offer nitrous sedation (laughing gas) or general anesthetic for dental procedures?

We do not offer nitrous sedation or general anesthetic at our clinic. Nitrous sedation is often useful for small children and anxious dental patients. If you or your child require nitrous sedation for dental procedures, we would not be a suitable option for you.

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