Is our clinic right for you?

Is our clinic suitable for you and your dental needs? Please ask yourself these questions prior to presenting at our clinic to ensure that we are the right option for you!

Do you have insurance or dental coverage?

         If so, you would be better served at a regular dentist or the U of S College of Dentistry student clinic – DIRECT Dental’s focus is to provide emergency dental care to people who are uninsured and can’t otherwise afford it.

Are you currently not experiencing pain and/or discomfort relating to dental issues (ex: cavities, dental infections, etc)?

         We provide treatment for emergency dental needs (ie: for relief of pain) – if you are not currently experiencing pain or discomfort, you may still be suitable for our clinic, but note that we give priority to people with emergency needs.

Do you live outside of Saskatoon?

          DIRECT Dental is not limited to people who live in Saskatoon – however, please note that we operate on a priority-of-need basis, with no guarantee that we will be able to see every person that comes to the clinic on a particular day. There may be long wait times. We do not take appointments at this time, so please factor this into your travel plans.

Has a previous dentist advised you that you may need to see a specialist for the treatment that you would like to receive at DIRECT, or have you been told that your dental needs are very complex?

          If so, your dental needs are likely too complex for a student clinic setting.

Do you have multiple dental issues that you would like addressed?

         Please note that the treatment options we offer are limited, and we may only be able to provide one type of treatment per patient per visit. If you have a lot of needs, you may be better served in a clinic that provides a wide range of treatments.

Are you looking for tooth replacement options (ex: crowns, bridges, dentures, implants) or to improve esthetics (ex: veneers, braces, etc)?

         We do not provide prosthodontic, esthetic, or orthodontic treatments at our clinic.  

Do you have a serious medical condition that requires special consideration(s) at your regular dentist? (For example, do you require antibiotics or adjustments to your current medications before dental procedures can be started?)

         Depending on your specific condition, current health, and medications, you may not be suitable for our clinic. Some medical conditions are associated with a higher risk of complications from dental procedures, and may need to be treated in a private dental practice or hospital setting.

Have you experienced potentially serious complications from dental treatments in the past? Including (but not limited to) complications from local anesthetic (freezing), excessive bleeding during or after treatment, infections, loss of consciousness, etc?

         You may be at a higher risk of complications from dental procedures, and may need to be treated in a private dental practice or hospital setting. As well, DIRECT Dental is only open on select Saturdays from October to March, and you may require closer follow-up than we can provide.

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